“Beauty is the opposite of perfection- it's about confidence, charisma and character.”

Your Surgeon

Dr. Michael W. Payne is a highly educated and experienced specialist plastic surgeon with a proven track record within the plastic and aesthetic surgery industry across the UK and Germany, who cares for his patients from the inside out.
Born in Seesen, Germany, Michael was initially educated at the University of Cologne, before going on to study Human Medicine at the University of Berlin in 1987. Michael became a fully qualified Doctor in 1996 and enjoyed training at the University of Pittsburgh, Lancaster Hospital in California and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester before following his interest in plastic surgery. A true believer in giving something back, Michael undertakes regular charity work with Multiple Interplast Plastic Surgery Aid Camps in India, Tanzania and Paraguay.

“My priority is to provide not only a service that you can trust but a friendly face too. Knowing that you are comfortable and can communicate your goal means that we can work together and achieve it.”

Michael's Philosophy

Delivering his specialty to hundreds of individuals across the UK and Germany, his clientele includes a growing list of celebrity clients. Michael’s passion does not detract from his moral compass of ensuring that prospective clients are advised and guided correctly regarding specialist procedures, ensuring that he remains ethical and authentic to his craft and purpose.


During your initial consultation your medical history will be reviewed and you will be asked what you would like to change. I will not suggest procedures. I want to know exactly what bothers you, so that I can direct the consultation and specifically address your concerns.
The pros and cons of a cosmetic procedure will always be explained. This will include all the risks and benefits of the procedure, and the possible alternatives. You can then give what is called informed consent if you wish to proceed. I am here to provide a service that’s right for you, not to sell it to you. Looking forward to hearing from you.